Welcome to my page, here you will find a bit of info about me and what is essentially my mission statement of how to best serve you, your production team, and ultimately the successful completion of your creative project. This information in some ways can be an introduction to “what you are getting” when you hire me as a creative talent.

First and foremost, I understand that film and creative production is business driven, and with that comes high expectations: high levels of professionalism, effective communication, and synergy within working relationships are essential for success today. I personally strive to treat each project as if I am running my own business, with my own name on the line…because after all, it really is. I also understand that creative production is an art form, but I don’t let that rule my decisions regarding what is best for the company, or the client.

My role as a creative professional is to serve the company I work for, and client I represent professionally, promptly and with my utmost effort so that everyone feels the project is a success. Finally, I don’t let my vision as a creative talent override the visions of you and your team, and I take pride in my ability to adapt and mesh with preexisting projects, resources and creators.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to view my webpage; by no stretch of the imagination is this a complete resource of what I can do for you or your company. I know that the world of design, technology and creation is ever-changing, and so are my skills and talents. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you or your team about how I could help you accomplish your creative goals.


Kyle Eilerman




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